100+ Gk questions for class 1: Easy to Boost your Knowledge


Are you trying to find a fun approach to pique your kids’ interest and increase their knowledge? You’ve found it! We’ve assembled a list of 100+ General Knowledge (GK) questions specially designed for Class 1 students.These are not only entertaining and stimulating, but they are also an excellent way to broaden your child’s vocabulary.

Why General Knowledge Matters for Class 1 Students:

It is impossible to overestimate the value of general knowledge, especially for the youngest students. It establishes the groundwork for a comprehensive education and cultivates a spirit of inquiry and curiosity from a young age. We hope to pique a child’s curiosity in the world around them by incorporating GK questions throughout their educational path.

Here are 100+ GK Questions for Class 1:

1. What color is the sky on a sunny day?

Answer: Blue

2. How many fingers do you have on one hand?

Answer: 5

3. What do we call the glowing ball in the night sky?

Answer: Moon

4. What is the opposite of “big”?

Answer: Small

5. What do we breathe in to stay alive?

Answer: Air

6. Which animal says “meow”?

Answer: Cat

7. What is the color of a banana?

Answer: Yellow

8. What is the name of our planet?

Answer: Earth

9. How many legs does a dog have?

Answer: 4

10. What comes from clouds and falls from the sky?

Answer: Rain

11. What do we use to write with?

Answer: Pencil

12. What do we call the shining objects in the night sky?

Answer: Stars

13. What is the color of grass?

Answer: Green

14. Which animal says “woof”?

Answer: Dog

15. What is the first letter of the alphabet?

Answer: A

16. How many days are in a week?

Answer: 7

17. What do we call a young dog?

Answer: Puppy

18. What do we call the place where we live?

Answer: Home

19. What do we call the white, cold, and fluffy water that falls in winter?

Answer: Snow

20. Which fruit is red and heart-shaped?

Answer: Strawberry

21. What do we use to cut paper?

Answer: Scissors

22. What do we call the round, yellow fruit you can peel?

Answer: Banana

23. What is the opposite of “up”?

Answer: Down

24. What do you wear on your feet?

Answer: Shoes

25. What is the color of an apple?

Answer: Red or Green

26. What is the color of the sun?

Answer: Yellow

27. What do you call a baby cat?

Answer: Kitten

28. What do you do when you’re thirsty?

Answer: Drink water

29. What do you call the sound a cat makes?

Answer: Meow

30. What is the color of a lemon?

Answer: Yellow

31. What do you use to brush your teeth?

Answer: Toothbrush

32. What is the typical color of human blood?

Answer: Red

33. What is the color of the ocean?

Answer: Blue

34. What is the opposite of “happy”?

Answer: Sad

35. What is the opposite of “hot”?

Answer: Cold

36. What do you call the flying insect that buzzes around flowers?

Answer: Bee

37. What is the color of the leaves on trees?

Answer: Green

38. What is the name of the season with falling leaves?

Answer: Autumn

39. What do you call a young sheep?

Answer: Lamb

40. What is the color of the sky at night?

Answer: Dark blue or black

41. What do you call the white, cold, and slippery surface for winter fun?

Answer: Ice

42. What is the color of the clouds on a rainy day?

Answer: Gray

43. What do you use to clean your hands?

Answer: Soap

44. What do you call the big, round ball in the sky during the day?

Answer: Sun

45. What is the opposite of “fast”?

Answer: Slow

46. What do you call a baby cow?

Answer: Calf

47. What is the color of the grasshopper?

Answer: Green

48. What do you use to listen to music?

Answer: Earphones or headphones

49. What do you call the place where books are kept?

Answer: Library

50. What is the color of an orange?

Answer: Orange

51) What number follows 35?

Answer: 36

52) What material makes up the tusks of elephants?

Answer: Ivory

53) How do kangaroos transport their offspring?

Answer: In pouches

54) What is the primary ingredient used to produce cheese?

Answer: Milk

55) What is the term for a shape with seven sides?

Answer: Heptagon

56) Describe the shape of the Earth.

Answer: Spherical

57) What is the name for a shape with six sides?

Answer: Hexagon

58) How many sides does a triangle have?

Answer: Three

59) How many weeks are in a year?

Answer: 52 weeks

60) How many months are there in a year?

Answer: 12 months

61) Which animal possesses a long neck?

Answer: Giraffe

62) Identify the animal with black and white stripes on its body.

Answer: Zebra

63) From which animal do we obtain wool?

Answer: Sheep

64) What animal is recognized by its long nose called a trunk?

Answer: Elephant

65) Which animal has a fondness for honey?

Answer: Bear

66) Name an animal known for its cunning nature.

Answer: Fox

67. What polite term is often used when making a request?

Answer: Please

68. What is the primary purpose of our ears?

Answer: Hearing

69. Which part of our mouth is responsible for chewing food?

Answer: Teeth

70. Which sense organ is used for smelling?

Answer: Nose

71. What body part is used for the sense of sight?

Answer: Eyes

72. What is the typical color of sunflowers?

Answer: Yellow

73. How many legs does a human typically have?

Answer: Two

74. What mode of transportation is used for travel on water?

Answer: Ship

75. Which animal holds the title of the fastest land animal on Earth?

Answer: Cheetah

76. What is the national fruit of India?

Answer: Mango

77. Who is the author of the national anthem of India?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

78. Which arachnid creates silk structures?

Answer: Spider

79. Who is the impoverished thief in a popular fairy tale who possesses a magical lamp?

Answer: Aladdin

79. In a classic fairy tale, which character encounters seven dwarfs in a small house?

Answer: Snow White

80. What is the largest marine mammal on Earth?

Answer: Blue Whale

81. Identify the world’s largest island.

Answer: Greenland

82. Which bird is known for its exceptional far-sighted vision and the ability to rotate its head nearly 360 degrees?

Answer: Owl

83. What part of a plant is typically brown and located beneath the soil?

Answer: Roots

84. Name a bird species that is known for laying the largest eggs?

Answer: Ostrich

85. What is the most densely forested region in the world?

Answer: The Amazon rainforest

86. What is the name of a dwelling constructed from blocks of ice and snow?

Answer: Igloo

87. What reptile holds the title of India’s National Reptile?

Answer: King Cobra

88. Which tree is designated as the National Tree of India?

Answer: Banyan tree

89. What is India’s National Flower?

Answer: Lotus flower

90. Which bird is honored as the National Bird of India?

Answer: The Peacock

91. How many distinct colors are present in a rainbow?

Answer: 7 colors

92. How many characters make up the English alphabet?

Answer: 26 letters

93. Which planet is the closest to the Sun?

Answer: Mercury

94. How many legs does a typical cow have?

Answer: 4

95. Who is responsible for imparting knowledge to students?

Answer: Teacher

96. When you’re unwell, where do you seek medical care?

Answer: Hospital

97. What is the common hair color for most people?

Answer: Black

98. How many wheels does a typical bicycle have?

Answer: Two

99. What is the name of a shape with seven sides?

Answer: Heptagon

100. Which is the largest river island on the continent of Asia?

Answer: Majuli Island

101. Whom do you contact when there’s a fire emergency?

Answer: Fireman

102. What term is used to describe a person who travels to outer space?

Answer: Astronaut

103. How many natural satellites does Earth have?

Answer: 1

104. What color is often associated with peace?

Answer: White


Promoting a passion for education and broadening one’s knowledge base at a young age is crucial. These first-grade GK questions are an excellent resource for stimulating young brains and fostering curiosity. Children can be started on the path to becoming well-informed adults by being asked entertaining and instructional questions that encourage them to learn about the world around them. Recall that there are infinite possibilities and that the quest for knowledge starts with the first question. Thus, never stop seeking information and relish the exciting voyage of exploration you take with your children!

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